Fequently asked questions

Will this subscription auto-renew when it ends?

No, subscriptions do not auto-renew when they are completed. However if you choose the monthly payment option, the subscription will only end when you cancel it.

What does it cost for the subscription?

We have 4 different pricing options for the subscriptions:

3 Months Once-Off: R750.00

6 Months Once-Off: R1500.00

12 Months Once-Off: R3000.00

Flexy Subscription: R250.00 Per Month (cancel anytime).

Shipping Included.

How long does the subscription last?

You can choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription or alternatively pay every month until you cancel.

When will I get my socks?

Deliveries generally take 1 – 2 working days. On the subscription, you will receive your socks around the same time every month. But we will keep you updated with shipping info ūüôā

How do I submit an order?

Select your subscription options here and get started!

What are the socks made of?

We source our socks from 3 suppliers: Happy Socks in Sweden, and Feat. Sock Co. and Good Threads based right here in sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

Happy Socks and Feat. Sock Co. socks are made from 80% Cotton, 17% Nylon, 3% Elastene.

Good Threads are 80% Bamboo and 20% Elastene

Do I get to choose the socks I get?

It wouldn’t be random if you got to choose… We will choose a random pair of really great socks to be delivered to your door every month, and you will get to enjoy the mystery unboxing.

What kind of socks can I expect to receive?

We try really hard to source excellent quality socks and believe we have achieved just that. Every pair of socks you receive will have a funky pattern detail. Feel free to browse our online catelogue to get an idea of what kind of socks to expect.

Will the socks fit?

Our socks are “one size fits most”.

Our men’s socks will fit UK shoe sizes 7 – 11 and women’s socks will fit UK shoe sized 4 – 7. If your size is anywhere between there, you should be good to go.

If you require a larger or smaller size, feel free to contact us and we will see if can make a plan for you.

What if I don't like them?

No problem, just post them back to us(i), at our listed address, and send us the tracking number, we’ll exchange(ii) them for a new pair(iii) or a full refund(iv).

i.  We ask that you send exchanges back within 30 days of their arrival, unopened and in the original packaging.
ii.  A standard courier fee of R100.00 will apply for exchanges.
iii. Exchanges: may be of your choice, subject to availability.
iv.  Refunds: are available only for once-off purchases and not for subscriptions or SALE goods.

Please see our Returns and Exchanges section for more detailed information.

When will my order be shipped?

Generally, orders are processed within 24 hours. Which means that our socks are on their way to your feet within about a day.  Orders take between 1-2 business days to arrive.

If you have any additional questions about shipments, feel free to contact us or send us an email to info@sockbox.co.za

I ordered the monthly subscription option and need to cancel it. How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription by logging into the my account section and selecting subscriptions->view->cancel